Mirage Bellydancers
Mirage Bellydancers

This is a prewritten blog post as I will be performing at the Mirage Bellydancers Hafla this evening with il Troubadore.  If any readers are so inclined then please come to the show for live bellydancing, live world music as only il Troubadore can provide and then a show at the Knickerbocker Saloon afterwards in downtown West Lafayette.


Special guest workshop instructor and performer at the hafla will be Taletha from Louisville, Kentucky. We’ve been working with Taletha since January of 2007 and she’s always a joy to play for (and play with as she’s also a flautist!).

Show info follows:

Mirage Bellydancers Spring Hafla 2009
Purdue University
Class of 1950 Lecture Hall CL50
West Lafayette, IN 47907

doors open at 6:00pm
show beings at 7:00pm and ends at 9:30pm

Map to Mirage Bellydancers Hafla
Map to Mirage Bellydancers Hafla

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