Bibliography of works for unaccompanied cello

After writing my previous post I remembered one of my pet projects from my undergrad years.  I believe it was my senior year as a cello performance major that I was going to compile a bibliography of works for unaccompanied cello.  What that meant, back then, was that I was going to make a list of solo cello works and put that list in a word document and have a print out (periodically) copy of it in a manila file folder that I could pull out and peruse when looking for works for various lecture/recitals.

Obviously, that has not happened or I would not be writing a blog about what I was going to do regarding a bibliography.

So, in partial fulfillment of my need to have some order (or impose some, maybe?) in the world, I think I will compile a proper bibliography of solo cello repertoire.  Think of this blog post as a statement of intent, though I will have to do tons of brainstorming and organizing before I come close to deciding how I want to host or publish it.  I had toyed with just posting entries here and allowing the category page for “Bibliography” or “Solo-Cello-Bibliography” be the main format, but the wife (who is a tenured Librarian) is probably right in that I should post it as a separate blog.

There are far more resources now for such lists (even wikipedia has one) online that are easily accessible so I wonder if it’s something I should bother with, or just leave to the masses to construct as they will.  But the lists are far from complete — for example, the IMSLP site (which hosts full scores to Public Domain works) also lists solo cello study and technique books (thanks to the cello chat folks for pointing out that site!).  I’m not so sure that I want to include those, though for the completist in me those works would be necessary in any comprehensive list and I’ve always felt that some of the Etudes of Popper should be performed live onstage rather than just in the private lessons.

I believe that ultimately I will be working “backwards” though, as most of the solo repertoire that interests me are the much more recent compositions which are the ones that will be the least likely to be included in such lists.  This will also give me the excuse to include my own solo cello compositions, right?  I suppose the other big question is whether to make this an annotated bibliography or not, but little steps first.


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