>Mecmûa-i Sâz ü Söz

>Mecmûa-i Sâz ü Söz
Wojciech Bobowski or Ali Ufki (also Albertus Bobovius, Ali Bey, Santurî Ali Ufki; 1610[1]–1675)

Musical anthologies
Among his achievements was the release of two manuscript anthologies of Ottoman music, known as Mecmûa-i Sâz ü Söz (“Collection of Instrumental and Vocal Works”). These anthologies contained both sacred and secular pieces, instrumental and vocal music, art music as well as traditional Turkish songs. Only two manuscript copies survive: in the British Library and the Bibliothèque Nationale [7]. This work preserved for modern times several hundred classical Ottoman songs and instrumental pieces and is the first instance in which western staff notation was applied to Turkish music.


Vladimir Ivanoff, Sacred Bridges: Christian, Jewish, and Muslim Psalm Settings From the 16th to 17th CenturiesPDF


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