>Official reaction of the Iranian cartoonists

>Official reaction of the Iranian cartoonists to the publication of the drawings humiliating on the Mohamed prophet

Enrique Lacoste
Enrique Lacoste/Cuba



2 thoughts on “>Official reaction of the Iranian cartoonists

  1. >It’s hard comment about this situaccion.If u say that jornalist were wrong, i’ll ask “where’s the free press?”And if u say that jornalist were right, i’ll ask “Where’s the respect w/ all religions?”.It’s a hard thing…


  2. >Yeap!In Thailand, it is against the law (or used to be) to slander or libel another religion. I think this is probably one of the reasons why religious violence has never been a big problem in Thailand–that and the fact that Thailand is primarily Buddhist.But I really do love the irancartoon site because of its International comics/artoonist focus.


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