>Sadly, my brother, Oi, cannot seem to find a copy of the Tom Yum Goong comic anywhere near where he lives. It looks like I might have to order it after all.

On a happier note, I will be getting a copy of the VCD from him. Why I haven’t ordered this myself since its availability last November is still a mystery to me.

On a somewhat related note, since I’m referencing a ‘martial arts’ flick, I had this wonderfully strange dream yesterday about dancing in the streets of Indianapolis while singing Capoeira songs. My friends, especially Drika who is from and in Brazil, got tons of laughs imagining me dancing (at all) while singing in Portugese. That I was able to get others in my dream to sing (though not dance) along was just icing on the cake for them–at my expense.

Now I have to go practice my Rababi singing so that I can get through Tunak Tunak Tun for our first rehearsal with a doumbek player this Sunday. Why I haven’t been singing in Punjabi at all rather than Portugese is a mystery to me.

And here I thought I wouldn’t be as busy these first couple of months of the new year as I have been the last two months of last year. I promise to blog more regularly, really–just don’t hold your breath.


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