Real life Superheroes in Indianapolis

So Indy now has real life Superheroes.

Doktor DiscorD

Doktor DiscorD of Indianapolis

Link via

Here’s Doktor DiscorD’s MySpace ‘about me’ section:

About me:
hi. i’m a real-life CRIME FIGHTING SUPERHERO.

Some say i’m just your average schizoid antihero personality type on the verge of a mental breakdown. Some say i’m already crazy…AND YES!!!(thanks for suggesting) “You’re mad..”
of course im fucking mad,man!!
Aren’t you???

Some people ask “Are you some kind of faggot roleplayer?”
NO. I really go out and fight crime on the streets of Indianapolis alongside my compatriots in the JUSTICE SOCIETY OF JUSTICE.
I got tired of the CRIME.
I got tired of the CORRUPTION and FEAR.
These things won’t go away on their own.

Some say “are you joking?” to which i can only say,

what do we consider “CRIME” you might ask…we dont care about victimless crime like drug use or people buying prostitutes. the kind of CRIME we’re talking about is the kind that makes little old ladies afraid to leave their houses.
the kind of CRIME that makes single mothers afraid to walk to their cars at night.

We urge you all to don the mask and make a stand against CRIMINALITY.
Start patrols in your neighborhood with some friends,but be sure to wear a mask…you probably don’t want LOW LIFE CRIMINALS to recognize your face and follow you home to endanger your family/friends.

Join the JSJ along side our numerous other heroes.
Mr. Silent
our hasidic rapper friend Dr. Dreidel and his sidekick The Kosher Kid
Liquid Courage
The Human Robot
The Apostolic Avenger
Cap’n Whiskey
The Hamburger Helper
The Plunisher
and the gynecological justice of The Green Discharge

all characters and their likeness are copyrighted by JSJ inc. (o6)
The JUSTICE SOCIETY OF JUSTICE…offering twice the JUSTICE as the leading competitors!

Who I’d like to meet:
especially Nigger Beater Lad..
i am SO going to kick his racist ass!

i also want to meet other brave souls on the slippery path of righteousness.

…..maybe even the Mayor

I might have to hang out in the streets more often.


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