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>I know I haven’t been blogging here much lately, but I thought I’d give a few shout outs, just because I support the local comics scene as well as those bloggers that support Mae Mai.


Wayne Bertsch’s Barfly comics strip at the NUVO

Wayne Bertsch's Barfly

I’ll let this little NUVO blurb and the strip above speak for Wayne’s work:

Lifelong fan of both comics and live music, Wayne is delighted to have an outlet to explore both arenas at once. Originally from northeast Ohio where he owned an operated a successful comic store, and was a convention promoter and self publisher during the 80’s and 90’s. Founder of the long running GOTHIK-APA (Amateur Press Association) and writer/Artist on the self published Comic book The Law his art credits since moving to Indy in 1998 has been limited mostly to murals in homes and businesses until joining the NUVO freelance stable.

Barfly Archives


Justin Bleep’s Brick City BunchJustin Bleep's Brick City Bunch
Mark Fossen of Focused Totality (another fine comics blog you should be reading) mentioned, “I would like to see more hip-hop in comics” which reminded me of an article at IndianapolisMusic.net that I had read a while back about Brick City Bunch. Created by local DJ, Justin Bleep, Brick City Bunch

follows the adventures of his five iconic characters through the streets and underground scenes of their city. It’s an appealing slice of urban culture in a city that doesn’t quite exist anywhere in the real world but plays itself out across the vast map of Bleep’s own imagination.

Bleep’s work will be hitting Wizard World Texas this November, so if you’re in the area and have the inclination to go to these things, check his work out.


Shawn Hoke’s SIZE MATTERS: The Mini-Comic Blog
This is just such a wonderful review site. Given that Shawn gets minis from all over the world that just makes it nicer because of the breadth of the types of comics he takes a look at. Shawn is also from Indianapolis, which is just fine by me!


Jim Roeg’s Double Articulation
Jim gave Mae Mai a shout out some time ago in the notes section of his Vol. 1, No. 8 weekly digest of reviews, notes, and rants. I’m going to self indulgently quote it in full, because though I haven’t quite lived up to the expectation here at my own blog I think that my numerous comments at other blogs and message boards have at least lived up to the hype a bit:

Make Mine Mae Mai!

Jon Silpayamanant is not only running an outstanding blog of comics and cultural criticism called Mae Mai, where he brings an exceptional range of erudition to the analysis of comics and visual art, he’s also a hell of a generous thinker. (You’ve probably seen his name in the comments section of more than one blog, including this one.) Jon describes Mae Mai as “Comics, Orientalism, Culture and Imperialism, Comparative Neurolinguistics, and Performance Theory.” All I can say is, anyone who can bring Edward Said and W. J. T. Mitchell to bear on comics in such illuminating ways is someone everyone interested in comics criticism should be reading. Religiously.

Now, once Jim comes back to the fray I expect that he will be calling me out on the lack of indepth analysis here–but I’ll likly be spending alot of time at his own blog which has some wonderful analysis and criticism of what is sometimes the maligned genre of the the comics of the big two. Jim’s ability to do comparative analyses with theatre and fine art as well as his poco (post colonialism) leanings lends his blog a breath of fresh air. So keep an eye on Double Articulation–you won’t be disappointed!


Aklas Isip’s pinoy komix biz
Ever since discovering Darna I’ve have been coming across a number of pinoy comics blogs. Aklas’ blog is just dense with information–not only about the pinoy comics industry–but about the technology used to create comics, the comparative analyses of the the economics of comics production, and just about anything else you can think about that is comics related (his blog post about Digital Comics on 3G Cellphones was particularly interesting). He recently gave a shout out to Mae Mai as well:

Another site of worthy note is http://www.silpayamanant.blogspot.com by Jon Silpayamanant. Jon’s survey of Oriental comics in general is so pleasantly vast and overwhelming. The data is so varied and engrossing that one or two visits is not enough. You will eventually leave however, with the comfortable thought that not all comics are American or Japanese. Thanks, Jon.

I would hope that people leave this blog “with the comfortable thought that not all comics are American or Japanese!” I wouldn’t have it any other way!

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