>An interview with Masami Akita by Chad Hensley

>A note about manga by Masami Akita

Mainstream Japanese culture also seems more accepting of bondage films and women having sex with an octopus. Why?

We have no deviant sex because we have no Christianity. That is, until the end of the Tokugawa era in the 1800s. We began to import Western scientific theory and our sexuality began to Westernize. We also imported Western sexuality without knowledge of Christianity. The reason for women having sex with an octopus is because of our censorship– her genitalia is covered. We have censorship of the genitals and no censorship of any sexual image without genitals. In the Japanese tradition, we have lots of strange sex images such as women with octopi. I think our present sexuality is influenced subliminally from the times before Tokugawa sexuality. It’s a kind of mental pleasure- a sense of humor in sexuality. Presently, Manga and Owarai entertainment is also the same reconstructed traditional culture. (my emphasis) In this culture, sex is not a matter of politics or science as is AIDS., the Gay movement, and sexual harassment in Western culture. Japanese sexual culture is a world of the imagination.

The Beauty of Noise: An interview with Masami Akita of Merzbow by Chad Hensley (Article published in EsoTerra #8, 1999)

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