>harshnoise blog

>So I’ve decided to start yet another blog. And I was giong to apoogize for not posting recently, but I guess my last post here was just yesterday. So no need there. I know that I sometimes mention noise here, and most of you probably don’t know what I mean by that. Well, this new blog will be devoted just to that genre. I and my co-blogger Joe Lombardo (and one other person I’ve invited but not heard from yet) will be posting reviews, thoughts, and commentary on the noise scene.

There’s that word again, “noise.” Well, you can hardly do worse than to check out the wikipedia entry for the genre to get an idea of what I’m on about. And really you can skip down to the part about Boyd Rice and Japan (which in noise circles is sometimes referred to as “Land of the Rising Noise”). Though the article says barely anything about the North American scene which has been around as long and is just as vibrant as the Japanese scene.

And yeah, I’ve been a part of the North American noise scene since about 1997, though I only have releases that date back to about ’99 or so. My live appearances “officially” started in 2002. So while my co-bloggers have been in the scene as fans and reviewers, I’ll be able to touch on issues of performance and gear and approaches to making noise music. And I think this will balance out a bit just because both my co-bloggers are in Japan rather than North America. I would like to add at least one blogger from every continent to get a more nuanced and balanced approach to the reviews and commentary, but I’ll have to wait and see if I can even decide on whom I would like to include.

I would like to keep the focus of the blog sharp and only touch upon the noise and power electronics (basically noise with vocals) genres. But knowing me, I’ll have to start another blog or two for the other genres of music I’ve been involved in over the, well, um–to date myself–decades.

Anyway, now you know what I’m talking about when I refer to “noise.”


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