>Liao Bingxiong one of Fifty Public Individuals Influencing China

>China Review Magazine, Issue 31, Winter 2004
Liao Bingxiong was named one of fifty public individuals influencing China in the Great Britain China Center China Review Magazine Issue 31 (Winter 2004).

Cartoonist, 89 years old
Liao Bingxiong regards cartoons as the continuation of a long tradition of popular criticism of government through pictures. In the 1930s, his anti-Japanese comic strips started appearing in newspapers and earned him his lasting reputation as one of China’s greatest cartoonists. However, as his commentary on both government and society included criticism of Guomindang corruption, he was forced to flee Nationalist China. After the Communist victory, Liao returned to become vice president of the Chinese Artists Association. But he continued to criticise government wrongdoing in his cartoons and was removed from office in 1957. For 20 years he was forbidden to draw cartoons. When the Cultural Revolution ended in 1976, Liao resumed cartooning. He has his own museum gallery in the new Guangzhou Museum of Art where sixty of his works are on view.

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