The Shikwekwes

The Shikwekwes
The Shikwekwes

I blogged about The Shikwekwes at the old Mae Mai site, but I think it’s time mention it again.

This comic strip takes a look at an African family as they struggle to cope with demands of life with a light touch. There is Stanlaus , the doting father and head of the Shikwekwe clan, Bernice the heart of the family, Zakayo the dot-com teenager, Phyllis the family comedian, Liengu, the youngest member of the family and finally, Simba their pet.

The Shikwekwes is the creation of Kenyan cartoonist, Litu. Litu has collected past strips into PDF form and may be downloaded here. Now how convenient is that?

for more Kenyan comics, go the the Mae Mai Kenyan Comics page. For rather sporadic (i.e. I add links as I find them) updates about Kenyan Comics subscribe to the Mae Mai Kenyan Comics feed. As always–there are plenty of comics from all over the world to be discovered. Just check my side bar, which was recently updated with more links/feeds.

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