Manga vs. Manhua

I know that ComicsOne is officially defunct now, but just to add a different side to the whole manga/comics debate, here’s an interesting excerpt from the article Crouching Tiger, Hidden Demand:

Not only were Chinese comics available, but their sensibility, aesthetics, and pacing were so distinct from the manga style that Kuo and ComicsOne editor Sean Sanders became convinced that theirs was an untapped cultural niche. Whereas manga is typically black-and-white, heavily stylized, and covers everything from sports to superheroes to girly coming-of-age stories, Chinese comics are luridly painted, usually restricted to medieval and ancient settings, and obsessed with kung fu. “They’re very episodic and epic,” Sanders says. “They’re primarily martial-arts themes, and many of them take place in ancient China. They have a lot of emphasis on traditional Chinese medicine, Buddhism, Taoism, definitely a lot of traditional Chinese myths. … We’ve found that our audience isn’t your typical manga readers at all. For the most part, it’s ex-comics fans who lost their taste for the contrived, brightly-colored super hero thing, and are looking for something deeper.”

DrMaster has officially taken over publication and and selling of backstocked ComicsONe manga, manhwa, and manhua titles. You can download some free issues here and purchase some individual issues and collections for a fairly cheap price at Cubic Mall:

We are the official merchandise store for DrMaster Publications Inc. You can also find all books published by ComicsOne Publications here as we do carry their books. Lot of books are at special discount prices due to overstock or inventory clearance. This is the place where you can find the latest book releases of DrMaster Publications, ComicsOne and other publications.

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