>mein Gott!!

>Looks like I’ll be celebrating 10 years worth of internet presence in about a year and a half:

All too often we forget to do things. It is as if we don’t realize that we are always doing. A Cagean “Aesthetics” can be a wonderful pedagogical tool for musicians, artists, hell, even scientists, and lawyers. Perhaps many of us, as La Monte Young said, need to ask, “Who is John Cage?”.

Jonathan Silpayamanant
Greencastle, In USA – Monday, March 24, 1997 at 11:13:10 (EST)


I still remember posting that (though not originally at this page)–I think it was the guestbook at the old New Albion website.

1997 was also the year the I created what was originally the online persona, Noiseman433 (boy I better tell Bob/Xome to update that page soon), which is a very different type of being today than then.

I still remember the Listserves/Usenet days. I think I’m feeling my age now…ugh…

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