>Indian Superman

>Superman (1987)So I finally found an excerpt of the Indian Superman movie. I had blogged about this at the old Mae Mai site, and promised to update whenever I found out more info. Watch the clip. It’s a riot.

A couple of review quotes:

Like any Bollywood production, there are dancing-girl scenes every 20 minutes that have nothing to do with the plot. Unique to this film, however, are the Superdad girls. I don’t know what their names are in the film, but they were wearing Superdad t-shirts so that’s what I call them. They are teenage henchmen who know a few kung fu moves. I mean, they almost know them. They work for the bad guys. Did the director not realize that Superdad shirts came about because of the popularity of the Superman movie in America? I don’t think this was deliberate irony because not all of the girls are wearing the shirts.

IMDB comments


The concept behind the film, no doubt, was to make the Superman legend a little more palatable to the Indian film going public. They do this by adding elements familiar to the fans of Bollywood films. Bollywood films are pretty surreal all by themselves, so an attempted rip-off of a movie based on a 60-year-old American comic book is going to be odd duck indeed. As per the rules of Bollywood cinema, there are dancing girls every 15 minutes, almost like clockwork. And the almost insufferable altruism of the American Big S has been all but removed completely.

Stomp Tokyo review

Hindu Superman

If you want a copy of the movie, then go to the Cult DVD Zone (or one of the other movie sites listed below) which has got to be the greatest unsung resource on the net. For example, you can purchase copies of the Roger Corman Fantasic Four movie; the Justice League of America television pilot; and (I must have slept through any publicity about this) the television movie, Nick Fury, agent of SHIELD, starring David Hasselhoff(??????).

You can also get a copy of some Batman Fan Films which includes the shorts World’s Finest and Batman: Dead End (Batman vs the Joker vs Alien vs Predator????) both by Collora Studios.

Turkish Superman

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Other Superhero Related Films:
3 Dev Adam3 Dev Adam (1973)

“COOL Turkish film about an EVIL SPIDERMAN who goes around killing, robbing then LAUGHING at innocent people. But Santo the Mexican wrestler and Captain America get word of his evil acts and meet up in Istanbul to slug it out with ol’ Spidey! The results: LOTS of crazy action, some gore and MORE crazy action! This is a friggin’ must see folks!!! You’ll get to watch as Santo puts Spidey in the Tornado Spin and as The Captain and Spidey engage in some crazy karate fights! In Turkish only (But who cares!!??).” [link]

Darna: Ang pagbabalikDarna: Ang pagbabalik (1994)

“A series of cataclysm devastate the Filipinos. A mysterious cult, led by Valentina, offers salvation to the population. But Valentina has some dark projects and wants to take over the whole country. Fortunately, super heroin Darna is here with her super powers to defeat the vilains. This Filipino wonder woman has serious assets : opulent chest often « hooked » by the cameraman and a bright red bikini to be well seen on the road…” [link]

Süper adam Istanbul'daSüper adam Istanbul’da (1972)

“Another crazy Turkish super hero film has a nerd from America showing up to do a story on the crime problem. Ol’ Superman comes along wearing a mask and a big “S” that looks like it was ironed on his cheap-o outfit (That also looks like its about to rip as he moves in every scene!) all while punching, kicking and jumping with wires to make him look like he’s leaping tall buildings and walls with a single bound! In other words, the “F/X” suck but it’s a damn good time!” [link]

Süpermen dönüyorSüpermen dönüyor (1979)

“Superman in this film is quite mean. He is indirectly responsible for the deaths of three villains(for example, he throws a henchman into a wall, where he is impaled by an extended pipe).” [link]

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