>International comics creators’ deaths

>Not Eisner or Kirby, but…

Go U-yeong: Samgujki
Go U-yeong (1939-2005) link via Shawn Fumo

The cartoonist Go U-yeong, who died Monday, spent much of his 50-year career fighting censorship. He poignantly recalled seeing his creations torn apart and blanked out with white ink.
Cartoonists finally get some respect

Dudu Geva: Duck
Dudu Geva (1950-2005)

“The Song of the Duck” — itself an absurd play on “swan song” — probably is the most impressive high-wire act in comics history. Nothing else ever was this sustained. Not Charlie Brown and his kite, not the thumpings Beetle Bailey takes from Sarge, not Dagwood’s sandwiches. Every other cartoonist settled into an array of gags, but Geva’s duck was resoundingly one-note.
Recalling an Israeli cartoonist who refused to duck the truth

Oguz Aral: Avni
Oguz Aral (1936-2004)

founded the weekly comic magazine “Girgir” in 1972 and made it the third largest selling such magazine in Europe with a circulation of 300,000. The magazine became a center where young and aspiring cartoonists would be educated and learn the tricks of the trade. Generations of cartoonists learned what to do from Aral. Aral’s aim was to make caricatures simple and accessible to people.
Tr: Godfather of Turkish caricature bids farewell


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