Tom Yum Goong (“Shrimp Soup”)

Coinciding with the recent release of Tom Yum Goong (that’s Thai for “shrimp soup”) is the comic of the same name.

Art for Tom Yum Goong comic book

So we might finally see a Thai comic book break into the international market. With all the licensing surrounding the international release of Prachya Pinkaew and Tony Jaa’s latest movie I’m wondering if the comic will even live up to the hype as most film-to-comics adaptations seem to fail miserably.

Cover for issue of Ong-Bak comic

The comic will be published by (the Thai version is already out) Vibulkij and is created by the team of Jirapong Sornakorn “Yoong” (“Mosquito”) plus a couple of assistants. Fellow cartoonist, Mongkorn Sorapol, will be headlining the creation of the comic Kon Bin Hern Fah (“The Flying Man”) which is also based on Tony Jaa’s character, Kham, from Tom Yum Goong.

Apparently there was also an Ong-Bak (image to the right) cartoon book published a while back as well (see link below for some scans).

“Tom Yum Goong Sketches” August 12, 2005 (in Thai)
“Entertainment: See the movie, read the comic book” Sirivish Toomgum August 22, 2005

Sketches and scans of the Tom Yum Goong, Kon Bin Hern Fah, and Ong-Bak comics: (in Thai)
Ong-Bak cartoon book gallery @
Tom Yum Goong comic book gallery @


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4 thoughts on “Tom Yum Goong (“Shrimp Soup”)

  1. Haha! I actually almost posted “555” first. Been hanging around too many Thai forums lately I guess. ut I don’t blame you–some of the sketches look rather nice. The art itself might not be too bad, but I’m afraid of the execution of the story (and I guess I mean “execution” in both major senses).I still might have one of my brother send me a copy of one of them, though–maybe do a review of it.


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