>Arturas Bumsteinas’ "OUSTING. hommage a Dick Higgins" and "AGNOSIS"

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I’ll be receiving a copy of a performance of Arturas Bumsteinas’ OUSTING. hommage a Dick Higgins for tape and woodwind quartet.

Arturas put out a call for sounds back in early 2001 for the tape portion of the composition. He descibed his purpose for the call like this:
The tape of the composition will be formed of various sounds which I’ll collect from people from different countries. This “multicultural” collage will be as acompany for live band.

The finished electro-acoustic work was to be broadcasted on Istambul radio in April of 2001 (I’ll post more details as I get them).

Arturas also asked me for some sounds for an installtion piece called AGNOSIS. He described AGNOSIS like this:

  • photo slides of one video artist
  • acting (actually only standing and listening) of one nice girl.
  • and one “long sound” courtesy of Noiseman433

The Installation/Performance took place at the Vilnius Art Academy, Gothic Hall on April 20, 2001.

Unfortunately, no documentation of this work exists (well, this post notwithstanding). I would like to have seen how this went.

Arturas Bumsteinas is a sound artist and composer from Lithuania. He is also a member of G-Lab.

G-Lab is media art group formed in fall of 2002 by two young artists: composer Arturas Bumsteinas and visual artist Laura Garbstiene. Main activity includes audiovisual installations in Vilnius Contemporary Art Center, performances in new music festivals in Lithuania, Germany and Austria, production of video films and vj sets in the clubs.

Originally posted at my livejournal:
Arturas Bumsteinas’ “OUSTING. hommage a Dick Higgins” and “AGNOSIS”

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