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Powerhouse Topics and Self-Indulgence

So back in February, I read the “Why YOU Need a Powerhouse Topic” post at The Savvy Musician and it put into words things I’ve been developing for some years (if not decades)… Continue reading

Wednesday Teaching Reflections

As I mentioned in my previous post I spend most of the afternoon and early evening giving private cello lessons.  Wednesdays are much the same though I do start and end a bit… Continue reading

Monday Cello Coaching Reflections

Mondays are usually a cello coaching day for me–at least during the k-12 school year.  Nearly every afternoon I coach the cello section of the Floyd Central High School 7th period Orchestra.  This… Continue reading

The nuturing perfect pitch…

I’ve been following Diana Deutsch’s work for some years and had been really intrigued with her studies done on speakers of tonal languages (e.g. Mandarin, Vietnamese, and my native Thai) and the seemingly… Continue reading

Cello Repertoire Wiki

This is more for my own sake, and also for the sake of not cluttering up this blog with lists of cello repertoire, but I’ve set up a Cello Repertoire Wiki so that… Continue reading

On programming a recital…

It’s been years since I’ve done a recital proper.  I’d been toying with the idea for some time now–the past couple of years to be exact.  What is sad is that I haven’t… Continue reading

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