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Happy 1390!

Yes, it’s Nowrūz–the Persian New Year.  Last year I had the pleasure of playing a Nowrūz party for a Bahá’í congregation.  The best part of that–other than getting to eat traditional Persian food… Continue reading

Another quick bite

Just winding down a bit after last night’s gig with my Balkan band, Kermes and still thinking about binaries and the ridiculousness of dichotomizing Classical Music and Pop Music–or should I say dichotomizing… Continue reading

Performance: Greek Islands Hafla

If you are reading this, it’s because it was written earlier today and set to future post as I will be performing at the Greek Islands Restaurant in Indianapolis when this autoposts.  The… Continue reading

Alternative Strings and the New Golden Age of String Playing

For some time ASTA (American String Teacher’s Association) has been focusing on training string music teachers to develop Alternative String programs.  Last year I had decided that I need to formally join the… Continue reading

Experimental Cellos and Cellists

Some time ago I had started a community on livejournal (back in January of 2003) called “Avantcello.”  It was a space for folks interested in non-standard cello practice to post their interest or… Continue reading

Perkfection Cafe & Bar

This is a prewritten post as I will be performing at the Perkfection Cafe & Bar with Ahel El Nagam, Louisville’s Classical Arabic Band, and the Gypsies of the Nile bellydancer troupe. If… Continue reading

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