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Death of the Pop Music Industry and the decline of Popular Culture

John Loken, a former record label marketing exec posted an intriguing blog last February (2011) titled “The Death of Pop Music?” where he talks about the decline of, well, Pop Music.  In particular,… Continue reading

How audiences can’t save the arts, or sports, or pop music, or…

Since the 60s live audiences haven’t really sustained much of anything.  The economic infrastructure that creates ‘sustainability’ for Classical Music, the Sports Industry, and the Pop Music Industry since the post WWII economic… Continue reading

The Pop Music Industry and the Cost Disease

“[C]ost disease studies usually select opera, theater, and the symphony orchestra. Cost disease proponents display an unjustified bias towards ‘high culture.’ We also should consider today’s cultural winners, such as rock and roll,… Continue reading

An alternative view of Orchestral Musician Compensation according to Flanagan

So we’re often told that orchestras run deficits.  Sure, ok–but how often do we hear that orchestras in countries with a higher level of subsidies actually run bigger performance deficits?  Here’s what Flanagan… Continue reading

What if there’s really no “decline” in Classical Music audiences?

So a few weeks ago I was playing around with numbers, namely I was playing around with the numbers given by various surveys regarding arts participation as well as population.  Keep in mind… Continue reading

Flanagan and Changing Tastes for Classical Music

In Chapter Five, “The Search for Symphony Audiences,” of Robert Flanagan’s book, The Perilous Life of Symphony Orchestras, the author discusses several reasons for audience decline (as well as the statistics demonstrating this… Continue reading

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