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Arts Funding Is Supporting A Wealthy, White Audience: Report

This is the title of a recent Huffington Post piece that discusses a study by the Washington-based National Committee for Responsive Philanthropy.  Given the demographic trends I’ve been blogging about, this is, as… Continue reading

Chinese Orchestras in the Bay Area

The San Francisco Bay Area is a Metropolitan region encompassing San Francisco, Oakland, and San Jose as well as a number of surrounding cities and ‘burbs.  With a population approaching 8 million, it… Continue reading

The Golden Voice of Cambodia

A few weeks ago I finally had the opportunity to watch Greg Cahill’s docufilm about Cambodian vocalist, Ros Sereysothea, The Golden Voice. I was only mildly disappointed. Not for the quality of the… Continue reading

The perils of having only one hammer in your toolbox

Damn–so I wasn’t thinking that post comments didn’t allow the “blockquote” html tag. So rather than going back and changing all those to “em”s i decided to be lazy and post my response… Continue reading

Orientalism, Kill Bill, and the “Death of the Author”

Another response to James. I was going to respond a couple of nights ago, but then my response ended up being half a dissertation and I saved it as a draft at my… Continue reading

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