Orchestra 990 Database Project

I’d been meaning to blog about this especially given how often those of us who blog or talk about arts organizations and finances discuss economic issues in the field, but as a last… Continue reading

Opera: “I’m not dead!”

With all the talk about San Diego Opera, the Met Opera, and a bit further back, the closure of New York City Opera we might be quick to say that Opera is a… Continue reading

New Opera in Louisville

In my post about new new music groups in Louisville I neglected to mention the Thompson Street Opera Company, about which I knew little. Fortunately, one of my colleagues in Eight.dB, Claire DiVizio,… Continue reading

Creativity, Craftmanship, and Copying

Michael Rushton’s recent post says some wonderful things about the problem of focusing on either Creativity or Quantification. Creativity is a wonderful thing, but successful songwriters, playwrights, poets, video game designers and chefs,… Continue reading

ESS (Event Standard Syndication)

It’s about freakin’ time! http://eventstandardsyndication.org

Recent expansion and growth of US Orchestras: Latin-American Orchestras

A few days ago I discovered the Houston Latin American Philharmonic. An orchestra formed by Venezuelan conductor Glenn R. Garrido in 2013, the group is obviously based in Houston, the fourth largest city… Continue reading

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