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R.I.P. Ray Price

I was in the middle of composing a summary of a facebook discussion about my American Voices post which, as often happens, was growing to near dissertation lengths (I think I have more… Continue reading

Seth Godin, Football, and the Arts

I got a little shout out at Ian David Moss’ recent post at Createquity for my recent blog post about diversity in the arts–Moss’ post actually is chock full of interesting links but… Continue reading

Should Musicians be Paid?

There’re a ton of interesting (and depressing) events happening on many different musical fronts.  The latest bit of news from the pop world is Amanda Palmer’s asking musicians (horns and string players) to… Continue reading

Real life Superheroes in Indianapolis

So Indy now has real life Superheroes. Doktor DiscorD of Indianapolis Link via Here’s Doktor DiscorD’s MySpace ‘about me’ section: About me: hi. i’m a real-life CRIME FIGHTING SUPERHERO. Some say i’m… Continue reading

>Indy’s Heart of Rock and Roll


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