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Audience Stereotypes, Gender and Race in Classical Music

One of the outstanding things about the Classical Music field in the US is the relative gender equality you’ll find in the field.  Looking across the pond at some of the world class… Continue reading


    Just a quick note. Paul Katz has started a website titled CelloBello which is a fantastic resource for all things cello. I watched all of his videos regarding bowing technique and… Continue reading

“The Cello in Britain: A Technical and Social History”

The titled of this blog post is an article published by Brenda Neece in The Galpin Society Journal (Volume 56, June, 2003).  I had downloaded it some time ago (JSTOR is my friend!)… Continue reading

Wednesday Teaching Reflections

As I mentioned in my previous post I spend most of the afternoon and early evening giving private cello lessons.  Wednesdays are much the same though I do start and end a bit… Continue reading

Monday Cello Coaching Reflections

Mondays are usually a cello coaching day for me–at least during the k-12 school year.  Nearly every afternoon I coach the cello section of the Floyd Central High School 7th period Orchestra.  This… Continue reading

The Cello in the Non-Western World

This was the title of a talk I gave for the performance class at IU Southeast (where I currently teach) last Tuesday, 02 February 2011.  The short description given by Erich Stem, who… Continue reading

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