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Why bellydancers, anyway? (part 3) “confessions of a bellydance musician”

This one is four years coming.  I can’t even remember if I ever posted the “part 3″ or not, but was considering blogging about some things relating to being a being a dancers’… Continue reading

Chinese Orchestras in the Bay Area

The San Francisco Bay Area is a Metropolitan region encompassing San Francisco, Oakland, and San Jose as well as a number of surrounding cities and ‘burbs.  With a population approaching 8 million, it… Continue reading

Kayhan Kalhor and the Persian kamancheh at Tully Scope

Yeah, I know–technically it’s Brooklyn Rider and Kayhan Kalhor at Tully Scope, but even the Lincoln Center website lists Kayhan Kalhor first.  But after a slightly negative review of Brooklyn Rider at the… Continue reading

Charles Murray and “The Impossibility of Being Nonjudgmental” (part 1)

In Chapter 5, “Excellence and its Identification,” of Charles Murray’s book (Human Accomplishment: The Pursuit of Excellence in the Arts and Sciences, 800 B.C. to 1950) the author writes in the section titled The… Continue reading

"…inspired by the shape of his son’s bleached skeleton"

I came across this passage: According to Farabi, the oud was invented by Lamech, the sixth grandson of Adam. The legend tells that the grieving Lamech hung the body of his dead son… Continue reading

Why bellydancers, anyway? (part 1)

This is a question we get asked on occasion–and it seems to have popped up more recently than it had before. Rather than give the same “origin” story of how we hooked up… Continue reading

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