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Creativity, Craftmanship, and Copying

Michael Rushton’s recent post says some wonderful things about the problem of focusing on either Creativity or Quantification. Creativity is a wonderful thing, but successful songwriters, playwrights, poets, video game designers and chefs,… Continue reading

Brief Synopsis of the History of the term “Classical Music”

Doug Borwick brings up an interesting idea in his post about making the Arts Indispensable: Everyone who works in the arts industry believes, as an a priori truth, that the arts are indispensable,… Continue reading

Grant and Hettinger: Table I. Number of Symphony Orchestras Existing in 1937

This is a mess. We can even set aside the issues I’ve brought up regarding the lack of inclusion of WPA and other federally funded orchestras, this Table should give anyone pause just… Continue reading

…or maybe the Musical Long Tail is partially hidden…

In my previous post, I reflected on the growing disparity of revenue earned by musicians through the traditional channels of recordings and live concerts. It seems that we’re seeing things skewed towards Superstars… Continue reading

Negativity Bias and the “Classical Music Crisis”

Marketing consultant, Mark Schaefer, discusses how Negativity Bias can have a profound effect on how we perceive industries and businesses in a world of social media. He uses the recent #McFail incident to… Continue reading

What is Classical Music?

One thing that I’m struck by in nearly every conversation about the state of Classical Music, whether online or in real life, is how differently folks define what it is.  Usually that definition… Continue reading

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