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The Locust and the Wookiee Cellist Phenotypes

An intriguing piece David Dobbs at Aeon Magazine is basically a rallying call to put to rest the supremacy of genes as the primary or sole driver of evolution. Dobbs begins the piece… Continue reading

Boldly going where no cellist has gone before…

Since I mainly write about the economic and cultural side of music here I decided to start a tumblr blog just for my cello (and other) performance related activities.  It’s here: Since… Continue reading

The Cello in Video Game Music

And no, I’m not talking about some of the marketing imagery that can be found on, say, the London Philharmonic Orchestra’s recent release of “The Greatest Video Game Music” which features a cello… Continue reading

R.I.P. János Starker

There’s really nothing I can add to all the litanies, and many more cellists and musicians have had a much closer professional and personal relationship than I ever had the chance.  My closest… Continue reading

Sunday Spotlight on the Non-Western Cello: Indonesian Keroncong Cellos

Some time ago I posted about a style of music in Indonesia called Keroncong.  In the image above you can see that a luthier is working on a Keroncong Selo (Cello), most of… Continue reading

on dancing while playing the cello… (part 2: Music as Choreography)

In my previous post I talked about the Choreography of the Mouth when learning how to sing in multiple langauges and mentioned I would post about Music as Choreography.  Here is that post. … Continue reading

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