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Mae Mai in the press (and in print)

So, as usual, I was in the middle of writing a blog which is now going to be set aside in favor of this one.  I’d wanted to post a listicle recounting last… Continue reading

Boldly going where no cellist has gone before…

Since I mainly write about the economic and cultural side of music here I decided to start a tumblr blog just for my cello (and other) performance related activities.  It’s here: Since… Continue reading

End of the year reflections and the coming new year!

I sent out an email blast to my personal mailing list, and I thought I’d share that here as it probably best reflects my thoughts on this past year for me as well… Continue reading

What brings people here?

Sometimes I’m amused at what brings folks to my blogs (through the search engine route, that is).  I’ve been blogging a bit more about singing while playing the cello lately so it’s understandable… Continue reading

New blogs added to blogroll

I just wanted to throw out a couple of blogs I’ve been reading regularly lately.  The first is Profuse and Various: Thoughts on music, teaching, and whatever else happens to strike me.  The… Continue reading

Updates and more updates

If some of you hadn’t noticed, I’ve changed the look of the blog. This template is a bit cleaner and less distracting than the previous one, I think. I also spent most of… Continue reading

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