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Opera: “I’m not dead!”

With all the talk about San Diego Opera, the Met Opera, and a bit further back, the closure of New York City Opera we might be quick to say that Opera is a… Continue reading

Creativity, Craftmanship, and Copying

Michael Rushton’s recent post says some wonderful things about the problem of focusing on either Creativity or Quantification. Creativity is a wonderful thing, but successful songwriters, playwrights, poets, video game designers and chefs,… Continue reading

Cultural Omnivores must truly be dead…

The shrinking Cultural Omnivores issue is an interesting one since they functioned primarily as “swing voters” in the realm of audiences.  This sub-population tend to go to both highbrow and lowbrow events, not… Continue reading

The Classical Music “Crisis” and Millennials

I was reading a few posts about Millennials in Classical Music at Catherine Starek’s blog, Mezzaphonically Speaking, and it occurred to me that I haven’t spent as much time taking a look at… Continue reading

Strategic National Arts Alumni Project Survey

I just took the SNAAP (Strategic National Arts Alumni Project) 2013 Survey, which is interesting as I’ve recently had a conversation about The Julliard Effect and thought it might be very interesting to… Continue reading

Historical Overview of Technological Solutions to the Arts

Mark Shubin gives one of the most interesting overviews of the technology in the arts–fascinating stuff and do take a look at some of his other blog posts.

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