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Fragmentation and Specialization: Video Game Music Orchestras

As any field grows in size and complexity, fragmentation and specialization inevitably happens. When orchestras first evolved there wasn’t any need to make a differentiation between an early music orchestra or a new… Continue reading

Opera: “I’m not dead!”

With all the talk about San Diego Opera, the Met Opera, and a bit further back, the closure of New York City Opera we might be quick to say that Opera is a… Continue reading

Why New Music Louisville: The Evolution of NuMuLu (part 1.5) – New Solo Cello Repertoire and Extended Techniques

As I was looking for scores for my students who performed at the ISSMA Solo and Ensemble Contest this past Saturday, I came across a number of my collection of sheet music for… Continue reading

What is Classical Music?

One thing that I’m struck by in nearly every conversation about the state of Classical Music, whether online or in real life, is how differently folks define what it is.  Usually that definition… Continue reading

Why New Music Louisville: The Evolution of NuMuLu (part 1)

As I mentioned in a previous post, I’ve started a new organization that focuses on featuring and promoting new and experimental music in the Kentuckiana region. In that post I mentioned the Chello… Continue reading

Post-Pop: Aging and Fragmentation in Pop Culture Audiences

Last week I read a New York Times piece from 1993 by Stephen Holden which talked about pop music audience fragmentation. There are some interesting tidbits such as the opening paragraph: If you… Continue reading

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